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RT @jchidalgo: On Sept 13 join us at the @CatoInstitute for a timely discussion on Brazil with author @alexcuadros: https://t.co/ukN4VjGEAa

— German Moracerna (@Gemorace) August 29, 2016

RT @AP: BREAKING: Brazil's suspended President Dilma Rousseff appears at impeachment trial, says she is unjustly accused.

— Misita DABdos (@ManlioNico) August 29, 2016

In Brazil, the Poor and Homeless Miss President Rousseff https://t.co/d12ssEaUbs #CostaRica

— Costa Rica News (@CostaRicaStar) August 27, 2016

RT @Birovisky: @trailerparkboys @Dena_Natali Please my review. I'm your fan from Brazil, Marijuanna Country, the best! - https://t.co/mM931

— LL (@CRLynnL) August 26, 2016

RT @LuceroFansUSA: Have a great flight 🇧🇷💺✈️ , Bonita !! @LuceroMexico leaving Mexican airport on route to Brazil Cc @ChvezRicardo https://…

— Leandro Valverde (@Leand78) August 26, 2016

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